Why Upgrade Your Lights To LED?


LED lighting can save you up to 75% on your lighting and energy costs.


LED lights are fully recyclable and contain no harmful materials.


LED’s revolutionary design will instantly improve the appearance of your building, warehouse or factory.


Improving lighting in the workplace increases productivity and makes for a healthier and safer environment.

Receive Financial Incentives for Upgrading to LED Lighting

Upgrade to LED lighting with Save on Energy incentives to shorten payback periods, reduce maintenance costs, and cut operating expenses. LED lighting also lasts up to 25 times longer and uses up to 75% less energy than standard incandescent lighting.

Available Engineered and Custom Incentives

Custom incentives are available for lighting upgrades through the RETROFIT PROGRAM engineered or custom track and are calculated at $400/ kW or $.05/ kWh first year electricity savings...     READ MORE

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.

Does it still make sense to invest in a solar array under the revised OPA FiT 3.0 rates and rules?


We are asked this question over and over again and we can answer quite emphatically, YES! We answer that way because we are nuts about renewable energy and sustainability and our business also sells solar arrays. These are valid points but We still maintain that the OPA FiT program is one of the best, secure and environmentally friendly investments you will ever make!



Low Tech, High Efficiency Solar Air Heating

Solar air heating systems have been around for a long time and with rising energy costs these systems are seeing renewed interest from building owners. Most systems utilize a buildings façade to house the solar collectors and now there is another option available. Following the commercial success of its façade mounted transpired solar collector, Matrix Energy of Montreal, introduced the Delta, a modular roof mounted solar air heating system.

The Delta solar heating system is the ideal solution where a conventional wall mounted solar air heating system is not practical due to poor orientation, insufficient wall area, local bylaws, or other obstacles. The integrated solar collector and air duct make installations easy in a number of configurations. The system is basically maintenance free as it ties directly into your existing HVAC system and is 89% efficient, greatly reducing the heating requirements of your facility.


At Aro Construction, we believe in sustainable business practices and Electrical upgrades are a positive step towards reaching your sustainability goals.

Our innovative product lines represent the latest in LED lighting design, and energy conservation products with a focus on ensuring our clients realize maximum savings and improved energy bills.

Our process is simple, we’re with you every step of the way, maximizing your savings through our rebates and incentives program, installing and commissioning, and after-sale follow-ups and support.

Electrical Safety Authority (CNW Group/Electrical Safety Authority)